Luxury Designer Handbag Consignment

                                                                  Consignment Policy

  • I certify I am the rightful owner of the merchandise I am consigning.             
  • I certify the merchandise I am consigning is authentic, and not counterfeit.             
  • All merchandise is sent to a third party expert for authentication. If the merchandise is evaluated as counterfeit, an email will be sent informing me to retrieve the merchandise within 24 hours of notification. The decision of the expert is binding. If the merchandise is determined to be counterfeit there will be a $50 authentication fee. If the merchandise is not picked up within 24 hours it will be discarded.             
  • The consignor receives 50% of the price at which the merchandise is sold.             
  • An email is sent within 7 days of item drop-off listing the consigned items, and their respective asking prices. If the consignor is not satisfied with the asking price, response must be emailed to Andre Dupree, LLC within 24 hours stating which item(s) should not be consigned. The consignor has 3 days to pick up the item(s).             
  • Items not sold in the initial calendar month will be discounted by 25% on  the first day of the following month. Items not sold in the second calendar month will be discounted by 50% on the first day of the following calendar month.             
  • Merchandise may be sold at a lower price due to coupons or other discounts at the discretion of Andre Dupree, LLC.            
  • Should the consignor wish to terminate the contract prior to the fourth month, email notification must be sent to Andre Dupree, LLC giving 3 days notice. There will be a handling fee of 10% of the initial asking price.             
  • The consignor must come in to pick up the proceeds and/or any unsold merchandise during the fourth calendar month (Monday-Friday 11 am-5pm). Checks and/or merchandise will not be mailed. The same individual who consigned the merchandise must appear and present the same identification initially presented. All rights to any unclaimed proceeds and/or merchandise are forfeited after the fourth month. All forfeited proceeds and merchandise then become the property of Andre Dupree,LLC.             
  • Andre Dupree is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, theft or any other means.             


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