Luxury Designer Handbag Consignment

  Authenticity Guarantee

Andre Dupree Luxury Designer Handbag Consignment guarantees the authenticity of all products. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we are meticulous about insuring all of your purchases are authentic.

All items undergo a rigorous authentication process. In addition to evaluation by our in house team, every item is also sent to a third party expert for evaluation. You can rest assured that all inventory has been thoroughly examined and evaluated.

We are so certain of the authenticity of our merchandise.........

Here's how it works:

Should you be skeptical regarding the authenticity of your purchase, bring it to us.

We will have it evaluated by yet another authentication service.

In the unlikely event that the article is not authentic; we will absorb the cost of the additional evaluation, refund the complete purchase price, and give you an additional $100.00 for your time and trouble.

Likewise, in the event that it is determined that the article is indeed authentic, the individual who requested the additional evaluation will be responsible for the additional authentication fees and will incur a $100.00 charge for our time and trouble.